sanctions.  In addition, many clubs and associations are forming or affiliating with programs to stop racism and promote tolerance and respect on and off the pitch.

Respect Futbol is joint effort of


We are inviting you to send us your soccer juggling video. Videos must be less than 3 minutes, include a personal message that reflects Respect Futbol's mission to STOP RACISM & INTOLERANCE, and be accompanied by the song, One Love is the Law, by Alex Kajumulo. Entrants are encouraged to wear our THINK BEFORE YOU DO IT t-shirt, but it is not required. No other brands of any kind may be visible in the video. Entries will be judged on technique, style, originality, artistry, and social message. Male and female winners will be selected in 3 age groups: Junior (12 & under), Teen (13-18), and Senior (19 & above) and will be announced on April 1, 2017.

This four point plan provides a framework for demonstrating real commitment to tolerance and respect in football.  Soccer organizations who wish to demonstrate that commitment can use this framework as a starting point for increasing tolerance and respect and insuring that all people, no matter their race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, or socio-economic status feel welcome in their community.

Show your juggling skills and send a message to stop racism and intolerance in soccer!

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Every donation of $25 or more receives a limited edition

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With growing recognition around the world that racism and intolerance are poison for the beautiful game, FIFA is taking incidents of racism and discrimination seriously, with serious 

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